Stress Reduction Principles and Wellness for Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur, statistically speaking, you deal with some pretty unsustainable psychological issues like: fear, depression, anxiety and many others. The fast-paced environment and the perseverance required to grow business along with the daily challenges (otherwise known as the grind) are all sources of suffering or distress.

Startup Palm Beach is partnering with Spotlight Yoga to address this issues head-on. We aim to equip you with the knowledge and discipline required to cope with these issues by teaching you yoga mindful awareness practices. RSVP to the Meetup on August 31st

The same passionate dispositions that drive founders heedlessly toward success can sometimes consume them. Jessica Bruder

Stress Reduction for Entrepreneurs

Learn stress reduction principles, techniques and exercises geared to the entrepreneur community using yoga, mindfulness and meditation. This month we are taking a fresh approach to our Meetup by focusing on you with the goal in mind of having participants leave with a handful of calming tactics. We want to help you lighten up so you can put your best foot forward.

photos by Shaye Babb for Jiva Activewear