Sneakz Makes Consuming Veggies Fun

Nutrition plays an important role in helping children develop and lead healthy lives, but too often parents struggle to get their kids to eat vegetables.

Sneakz, a Jupiter, FL based startup launched its healthy solution to this age old problem in the form of yummy organic milkshakes. With great taste and positive nutrition from organic whole foods, Sneakz is a nutritious snack and better-for-you treat that kids love. Every shake of yummy goodness provides 1g of fiber, 5g of protein, and vitamins from whole food sources – including 40% DV of vitamin A, 20% DV of calcium and 6% DV of iron. Made with simple, clean USDA Organic ingredients, Sneakz contains no GMOs, antibiotics or synthetic hormones, and no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners. It also satisfies special dietary needs by not containing any gluten ingredients and is free of carrageenan.

You can order Sneakz for your kids online at or if you’re in the area, stop by Subculture Coffee and pick one up.

About Sneakz

Sneakz’s mission is to take vegetables from YUCK to YUM with USDA organic milkshakes that deliciously disguise a mix of five nutrient-rich vegetables. With a simple blend of organic whole foods, including sweet potatoes, carrots, cauliflower, spinach and beets, Sneakz combines great taste with positive nutrition to help kids eat better and enjoy their veggies.

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