South Florida Startup Revolutionizes Razors

If there is one thing that we all have in common, it’s hair. We grow it, shave it, wax it, tweeze it, but mostly, complain about it. Up until now, the shaving industry has been the same old same old. A “new” razor that will decrease irritation, or a “new” women’s shaving cream that will give you silky smooth skin with no razor bumps…

This multi-billion dollar industry has its players, as Dollar Shave Club enters the most recent unicorn acquisition, “Unilever recently purchased Dollar Shave Club for $1 Billion”. Regardless of all their marketing efforts, consumers are still confronted with the realities of discomfort and frustration.

First Razor with Heated Blades

Enter SmartRazor, the world’s 1st & only heated blades razor, designed with warm blades that cut hair up to 3 times easier than leading blade of today. We’re not saying it’s the savior but it is scientifically proven and it is the latest real innovation to come to market. The heat from the blades helps to relax the skin around the surrounding hair, giving room for the razor to not tug or pull, but to gently glide over the skin.

kickstarter-logo-light SmartRazor was founded by the Tomassetti brothers, who are no strangers to the razor industry. Their first invention, Shavemate, a razor that holds shaving cream in the handle, took off faster than it would take you to actually shave (read Washington Post article). Theirs is a family business, with long hours, hard work, passion and dedication, daily struggles and many obstacles to overcome in an industry dominated by giant multinational companies.
The idea for the SmartRazor came from their grandfather, who instilled in them that a hot shave isn’t just the best way to shave, it’s the only way to shave! With over 10 years of hard work in one heat packed product, the dream has finally become a reality.

First a world debut at CES in January of 2015, and now the functional SmartRazor® has debuted on Kickstarter. Say goodbye to razor bumps, and say hello to Lou, Pete, and their gift to the world, SmartRazor.

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