Four Reasons SkyBike Could Replace Your Car

SkyBike is more than just renting a bike; it’s a shared network of locals using bicycles for work, play, errands, and simply enjoying all that downtown West Palm Beach has to offer.
You may have seen SkyBike around town probably being ridden by a group of tourists looking to experience West Palm Beach in a unique way. However, after catching up with SkyBike’s manager Juan, we learned that SkyBike is more than a tourist attraction. SkyBike has proven value to many locals thanks to its convenience, cost-effectiveness, health benefits, and fun! Note: Unless you’re @ohdeardrea because she still doesn’t know how to ride a bike..

Let’s take a ride with Steven Kennedy, a champion of SkyBike. He uses SkyBike on his daily commute from his home in City Place to work downtown—and back again at the end of a long day. Kennedy revealed his affinity for SkyBike and attributed his decision to ditch the car to these four key factors:


After a good breakfast, Steven takes a short walk to the nearest SkyBike station. He loves how easy it is to hop on the bike and zoom to work, bypassing morning rush hour traffic and enjoying the fresh air. After work, he might take SkyBike to grab groceries at Publix, or in evenings when he’s going downtown for dinner or a drink.

SkyBike locations are scattered throughout the city, focused around Clematis and City Place. Pickups and drop offs are near all of your favorite West Palm Beach spots: Publix, downtown, city hall, apartment buildings, hotels, and more. There are always well-maintained, clean, and safe bikes at the station, ready for you to jump on and ride off!
As Juan Velos, general manager of SkyBike, puts it, “It’s always there when you need it, and it’s never there when you don’t.”


Few things are better than waving to unhappy commuters as you rush past on a SkyBike. These two wheels can help you bypass traffic so you can arrive at your destination faster than any other mode of transportation.

Plus, there’s no need to bother with finding parking on the street or in a garage. Steven just drops his bike at the nearest SkyBike station, or he’ll lock it up outside his destination so he can hop on it again when he’s done. With so many convenient locations, it’s easy to always have a speedy bike right where you want it, when you want it, how you want it.


With SkyBike, Steven was able to make it from November to August on a single tank of gas!
He loves that he can save money on gas, parking, valet, car repairs, and more. He even takes out the bike when he goes to dinner in the evenings because it gets him there faster, and he doesn’t have to deal with the headache of driving and parking. This has saved him a lot of time and money that he uses to enjoy his city.
For locals, SkyBike memberships are budget-friendly. A monthly membership is $14.95 (+ tax) and an annual pass is $120 (+ tax).  As Steven points out, “If you own a bike, the maintenance alone would equal $120 a year.”


We all love West Palm Beach. There’s no better place to ride a bike. The weather is gorgeous, and biking is an easy and convenient way to get around while basking in the sun. Even when it’s hot and rainy, you’re better off waiting until the rain passes than trying to navigate the streets in a car. Plus, biking is better for the environment and for your health!
Steven loves nothing more than taking a quick bike ride during his lunch break on a beautiful and sunny day in West Palm Beach. He lives for the sights and sounds of his city, seen in a way that is simple, convenient, and fun!

Learn more about how SkyBike works to get in on the cost-savings, convenience, and flexibility. Enjoy your city like a tourist, while living the local life.

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Featured Image by Damon Higgins / The Palm Beach Post