Perfect Your Pitch at Startup Demo Day

Every once in awhile, were able to provide people, just like us, with an opportunity and a challenge that ignites a fire within the little fish in a big pond. Some say it’s risky, but we believe fortune favors the bold. Inspiring motivation, creating drive and building confidence…  It’s why we do what we do.

Startup Demo Day & Pitch Competition

Whether you’re an avid Shark Tank fan, or see the term pitch competition and think of baseball, this event will keep you intrigued and will remind you of the certain kind of adrenaline that comes with a competition.

About Startup Demo Day

A demo day is a form of a startup accelerator providing visibility, valuable feedback and mentorship. You will have the opportunity to present your business idea on the main stage at Keiser University. Remember, practice makes perfect..

We invite you to share your story and pitch your business to an audience of entrepreneurs, investors and mentors in a safe and constructive environment on Tuesday, October 18th. Be sure to bring a friend, and your bring your A game!

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