Moving into 2018 with Intention and Choice

Whom will you be in your “achievements” and what will you endure beyond the moment of putting a check next to a box?

It’s official – 2018. We have completed another lap around the sun and set forth upon a new year. In the final hours of 2017, people all over the world were reflecting on the year that was and projecting into a year that will be. New planners have been bought, vision boards pieced together, goals and resolutions being set. however, personally, I’m uninspired by the notion of going into 2018 setting goals and resolving to be somehow “better” than I was in the previous 365 days.

Sure there are things I’d like to achieve this year, but the question I’m really asking is – who will I be in those “achievements” and what will endure beyond the moment of putting a check next to a box? When the moment I’ve been reaching for has passed – then what? Furthermore, what am I doing with the information that was all of 2017?

As an Entrepreneur

What I’m interested in – as a human being who chooses to express her gifts in the scope of entrepreneurship – is tuning in and taking inventory of the trials and triumphs that supported a becoming this year, and using what I dig up to inform how I move into another year of more becoming. Because my business is just one container for my energy, and when we’re getting serious about expanding in the new year, we’re looking at the whole person, not just the business owner.

My name is Stef, but everyone calls me Sauce. I’m the owner of Apollo Connection Company, and I support/coach individuals and brands in arriving at full expression – the realization and stewardship of their gifts in a conscious way. Let’s talk about ways of moving out of 2017 with gratitude and awareness, and moving into 2018 with intention and choice.

Lean in.

  1. Your best moments – My favorite question to ask someone I’ve just met is “tell me about the best day of your year (so far). Frankly, I don’t care what they do for a living. I care about who they are and what they love. When you identify what your best day was, the information you hold in that discovery is significant. Set a timer for five minutes (for real, time that sh*t) and write down everything that comes up. When you’re up against the clock, you’re more likely to cut the BS and get to the truth of what really lit you up and aligned you with your fullest joy.
  2. Identify the patterns – What you’re likely to notice is that there are common threads present amongst your highlights of 2017. Thematically, what stands out? Did you travel frequently? Were your best moments marked by showing up for someone else? Doing something new?Moving past a fear? You catch the drift. Find the connection points and take note.
  3. Ask the tribe for counsel – When I think about the people who I know see me in truth, who I can trust to show up, and who will shoot it to me straight, I say they’re “in the foxhole”. Who’s in the foxhole with you? Ask them to recap this year in your life, what they honestly observed, what your strengths and opportunities are. The point here isn’t to take their word as gospel, but to be willing to see ourselves through a different lens. They’re called blind spots for a reason, and relationships offer us a mirror through which to see that which is obstructed.
  4. Hone in – After checking your energy and taking note of who you’ve been in 2017, choose three things to focus on for 2018. I like to choose one word that encompasses the entire year’s intention. There are a lot of ways in which I want to expand this year – especially in my business. Efficiency feels really important going into this next chapter. Purposeful collaboration and consistency also make the list. For me, all of that is summed up in one word/theme – flow.

2017 was the year I myself became an entrepreneur. As I round home base and arrive at this global moment of beginning again, acknowledging the boldness is required to take the leap is essential in my ability to move forward into a new chapter with the readiness to continue to expand.

So in first days of this New Year, before you “resolve” to be something else, pause to celebrate the version of you that you came to know in 2017.

You can’t know your 2018 self without it.