Local Filmmaker Stands to Defy Plastic and Wins

Many of us are seeking outlets through which to tell our story. Now more than ever, we are creating lives wrought with purpose and passion – looking for the sweet spot where our gifts can support our livelihood. Behind us are the days where you sacrifice your happiness and fulfillment for the sake of an income. The 2018 human has more tools than ever at their disposal to turn their creative expressions and greatest joys into dollars. And, we want to invite the people we’re serving through our gifts, in, so that they can see and feel themselves within the narratives we’re writing. Sometimes – oftentimes – we need help telling our stories.

Enter Talia Schizzano of Tallymark Productions – the woman you want on your team if you’ve got a story to tell.

More than a Story

There is an infinite number of mediums you could activate to tell a story, but Talia’s particular magic is filmmaking. As someone who understands what it’s like to want to promote your story beautifully, working with Talia means that capturing the moments that tell your tale will be dramatic, vibrant, crisp and sexy. That’s right – sexy. And this ocean loving transplant from Long Island has been collaborating with business owners with stories to magnify from all over our little pocket of paradise – with an abiding love and a serious knack for documenting the wild blue yonder.

Talia a self-taught-solo-preneur-filmmaker made the pilgrimage to West Palm Beach from NY. Lucky for us she decided to stay and call our little slice of paradise home in 2016.

“I grew up with shells all over the house and my Mom taking me to Fire Island, teaching me how to swim in the big waves and search for sea glass. She’d also been taking me to Tampa since I was a baby because her parents lived there. I started living for those trips. Being in the ocean brought me so much joy. So did the climate. So, as I got older I became really passionate about living somewhere tropical near the ocean, Florida was what I knew.“

Tallymark is the name Talia made up for her filmmaking when she was a kid – she’s been doing it that long. From the early days of shooting music videos with her cousins to her first “real” gig as a filmmaker for Miami Kiteboarding to the film that put her on everyone’s radar here in West Palm – The Crossing for a Cure documentary for Piper’s Angels, Talia has built a living telling stories. Her own. Yours. The entire planet’s.

Film grants us access to layers of an experience that photography and words can’t always reach. The animated nature of capturing moments in this way lends itself to a much more holistic perspective. When you watch the Crossing for a Cure doc, Talia gives you an entire sensory experience through her lens. As the viewer, I could almost feel the breeze that rustled tall palm leaves backlit by a burning sun against my skin. My own breath got deeper as the paddlers moved through a yoga practice.  I could taste kombucha and salty air. I could hear lapping waves and laughter. I could see the same relentless miles of ocean as she did from the boat where she took off from a beach in Bimini, under the light of the moon and stars. Tallymark made it possible for me to be fully immersed in The Crossing, from the green velvet couch in my living room.

Talia’s love for the ocean is illuminated in her client base, with an affinity for water sports and conservation of our precious watery resources. Recently she had the opportunity to align her passion for reducing our reliance on plastics with her ocean obsession, resulting in her film Defying Plastic for the Ocean Film Challenge contest, created by Dr. Sylvia Earle. With 100 submissions to the contest, Talia’s film scored “best editing” and came out as a finalist to win a trip to Fiji…and then she WON! Our friend here is headed across the globe to keep telling stories about our incredible planet.

Defying Plastic by Talia Schizzano for The Ocean Film Challenge. Click to watch.

Solo-prensurship ain’t easy. It’s a journey wrought with highs and lows to say the least. When we have the opportunity to lean into our communities and ask to be supported in our goals and dreams, it softens the often rough edges of doing things alone. And there’s nothing more energizing and inspiring than realizing just how supported you truly are.

The support I’ve received means the world to me, and I’m truly overwhelmed at how many people worked so hard to get so many votes. They rallied their friends and families. I can’t tell you how many names I don’t know in my list of votes! It’s opened my eyes to the hundreds of true supporters I have. It’s very humbling. I feel like I’m on top of the world.

Tallymark is here to help you tell your story beautifully.

We’re here to tell you hers.