Crowdfunding and Cocktails

Crowdfunding and Cocktails is a live, in-person crowdfunding event where every attendee has the chance to help propel a new business to the next level. 10 company founders will pitch for 2 minutes (a la Shark Tank) and each attendee will decide how to allocate funds according to the companies they like best.Since inception Startup Palm Beach has given away $16,000+ in funding at this event.

Event Details

  • November 16, 2016 at the Lakefront Pavilion (Downtown West Palm Beach)
  • In-person crowdfunding event
  • 10 startups are selected by the committee to attend and pitch
  • Each attendee ticket costs $100 (tax deductible)
  • Attendees receive $100 in “branded money” upon arrival
  • Each startup gets 2 minutes to pitch
  • Attendees decide which startups they’d like to fund

“The chance to participate and compete in the Inaugural Crowdfunding and Cocktails proved to be invaluable to the start up of Live Advantage Bait LLC. The event brought much needed recognition to my venture and the funding I won was integral to completing the pilot scale project to prove commercial potential and feasibility. Since 2013 we have been able to demonstrate production volumes and economic feasibility and are currently at the stage to undergo full commercial expansion.

Introducing the November 2016 Planning Committee

Hosts: Nicholas Mohnacky & Christopher Callahan alongside the City of West Palm Beach’s Economic Development Director Christopher Roog