Crowdfunding and Cocktails Finalists

We’re proud to announce the ten startups that have been selected to pitch at Crowdfunding and Cocktails on May 13th. These startups were chosen by the committee to represent the Palm Beach County and Greater South Florida early-stage entrepreneurial community. Each startup will get 2 minutes to pitch and those in attendance will decide who they want to fund that evening. Read the startup bios below.

Energy Bionics (Wellington, FL)

Design, develop, manufacture and market products that harvest ambient energy and power the mobile Internet of Things (IoT). Our first product is Carbon, the only analog watch that harvests ambient energy and powers mobile devices. Carbon was successfully launched on Kickstarter. Other products are currently in the concept stage.

Friendly Reminders (Delray Beach, FL)

Friendly Reminders lets people share their dietary restrictions and culinary preferences with anyone who needs it. Whether you’re going to a friend’s for a dinner party, attending a company luncheon or eating at a new restaurant you can use Friendly Reminders to make sure people know what you do and don’t like. Friendly Reminders also lets you track important information about events, such as what you wore, what you served and what gifts you gave or received.

AquaCo Farms (Lake Worth, FL)

Aquaco Farms realizes that change is necessary in the way seafood is sourced and purchased today. The industry answer has traditionally been a frozen product that can be imported and shipped across the world. The sacrifice in this approach is that you substitute fresh, domestic caught seafood for the availability and cost savings of an inferior product. Aquaco Farms is designed to be one of the largest Florida Pompano grow-out facilities in the world and will provide a sustainable, high quality, highly sought after and credible fish source to retail & restaurants and other users from South Florida to Orlando, with zero impact to our wild populations.

Pick (Pompano Beach, FL)

Pickk is an exciting new way to watch and interact with live TV events. While you watch your favorite sport or live TV show the app provides you a list of options with real time multipliers. For example: during baseball season the app will ask something like “What will happen at the end of this player’s at bat?” and gives you a list of options based on the game situation. Pickk launched last September and grew to almost 7000 users by February. Pickk for Baseball launches on April 30th.

Jiva Active (Jupiter, FL)

JIVA Active is a blend of creativity, quality, and versatility in an activewear line built for life in motion. What started as the two sisters sewing in their kitchen is now a creative adventure on a mission to live healthy & active while give women the confidence to feel as good as they look. JIVA is for the do-ers and go-getters, the ones making their dreams a reality and creating positive & passion driven shifts in their communities. JIVA combines exclusive in-house designed prints with technical sweat-ready fabrics all manufactured in Miami, Florida. Close attention to detail from fit to function take you from surf & studio to brunch & beyond in minutes.

Huddle fly (Weston, FL)

Face it – It is rat race. Syncing up the modern family or business can be challenging. The dry erase board that you purchased from Office Depot or the refrigerator reminders don’t cut it due to their lack of connectivity.¬†That is why we created the HuddleFly. HuddleFly is an internet enabled dynamic digital dashboard for families and businesses. It can be easily configured with Google Calendar, Tasks lists and social integration on your mobile devices.¬†HuddleFly aggregates information and display color coded calendars, to-do lists, weather forecast, news, events, etc… HuddleFly is device ready and will help you stay in sync with your 21st century lifestyle.

Fish with a Man (West Palm Beach, FL)

Fish With A Man is a nonprofit organization who’s focus is supporting homeless people in their path to becoming self-reliant. We do this by helping them in four key areas; education, identification, transportation, and employment.

Waterflowers Ecological Design (Dania Beach, FL)

SLURPITS are biofilters that absorb and digest oil, pesticides and other toxins in the water. Designed for docks, storm drains and ditches they use a patented process of man made and natural fibers that work with a blend of selected Non GMO natural bacteria that is EPA registered and certified pathogen free to clean the water. We are launching in the marine industry of south Florida then scaling up for municipal market nation wide. We have partnered with Palm Beach Habilitation Center and Ship Monk as our first phase manufacturing and fulfillment house on this web based business.

Vivid Arts (West Palm Beach, FL)

Vivid Arts is a community-based Google Culture Institute, enhancing local Arts and Cultures communities. Our platform allows tourists and community members alike to gain context about the arts and culture within a community, share their own creative works and thoughts and track their adventures. In addition, they’ll be able to follow fun art events and blogs. We’re growing in culturally rich metropolises. Our platform connects and promotes the work of artists, photographers and bloggers while giving tourist, locals, and art enthusiasts the ability to discover and interact with the art scene around them.

Versattire (Lake Worth, FL)

Style and sweat. Everybody sweats, some more than others. There is no metric needed to understand that, but what you do need to understand is there is a void in the market that hasn’t been given attention. Those individuals who seek activewear in business wear. Activewear is the fastest growing fashion market. It grew by 42% in the past 7 years driven by the comfort of yoga-wear into more casual clothing. But business wear has been left out. And I believe I have solved this issue. Imagine a shirt adaptive enough to allow you to leave work in the urban jungle, meet some friends for coffee, jump on your bike for a quick spin in the hills, hit the gym for a few sets and then go home… all without having to change it. Well, it’s already here, Introducing Versattire.