Creating Experiences that Inspire

What moves you to buy?

Once upon a time, the answer was probably that as a consumer, you associated a particular product with class or status – the projection of a certain identity onto the world.

Times, they are a-changin’, as they say.

The millennial era is onto something different. A product is actually a promise of something else, almost intangible in nature. It’s a gateway to something that I want to feel – more of a verb or even an adjective, than a noun. I’m exchanging dollars for a shift in my experience of reality. What I’m buying is access to an experience – and a story. And I just so happen to know a couple of guys who saw an opportunity to create a platform for that idea.

Enter – Access Collective.

Half Nat Geo Photographer – Ben Horton, Half serial surfing entrepreneur, Nick Mohnacky, Access Collective partners with some of the biggest brands in the world, to take the viewer on a journey that inspires the spirit of adventure.

Mexico, China, Utah, Big Sur, Mozambique, Iceland, The Philippines, Hawaii, The Bahamas, Haiti, and more, have all been backdrops to the unique storylines that make up an Access Campaign. An Access Campaign™is the intentional and strategic combination of person, place, and product, that all have to align with incredible thoughtfulness in order for a genuine connection to be made between the story and the consumer. The teams that come together at Access are positioned to make just such a connection.

But making that connection is no simple task. What sets Access apart from other media companies, is that they understand that the potency lies in the story. Someone’s ability to engage with the content that’s designed to move them, in a resonant way. We must be able to see ourselves in the story that a product is promising. We’re hopping on a plane and going to Utah, not to get on a snowboard or to ice skate on a frozen lake, but to feel something in those expressions. Access is a unique vehicle for companies to deliver their audience into that experience because they actually go out and have the experience.


So let’s talk about that team – the people that put the collective in Access. Each campaign is designed to meet the individual needs of each client, so who is enrolled depends on the story you’re telling, and what characters are best suited to bring that narrative to life. Regardless of who’s snapping in, the Access Collective is made up of some of the world’s top photographers, videographers, bloggers, influencers, pilots, athletes, and storytellers, who join forces to traverse the globe in the name of adventure. When they unite, the numbers speak for themselves, as they generate an average of 1 million impressions per Access Campaign.

Most recently, the Access Collective has added “for purpose” initiatives to their scope of services. Now, not only can you bring the team on to inspire people to “Visit Utah”, you can also employ their gifts to move people into action to support initiatives for social change. In November, Access Mozambique was launched in collaboration with GEOS Foundation to bring awareness and support to the war on poaching as it relates to the White Rhino. Two videographers, one influencer, 14 days in the African Bush. There’s no glamour to imagine here. We’re talking full-scale ranger training, multi-day surveillance, manhunts for active poachers, scorpion stings, canned food, and a pet warthog. Tasked with illuminating the intimate details of the reality of saving a keystone species, the Access Collective has one overarching strategy in mind, regardless of whether the mission is for-profit or for-purpose – whatever it is, there’s only one way to tell a story – go live it.



On the horizon for the Access Collective are campaigns in Tahiti, and round two of Utah and Mozambique, with other conversations being fostered as we speak, along with some really exciting experiences in the world of Virtual Reality. Soon, you’ll be able to actually immerse yourself in an Access Campaign, with Access360VR. Now, there’s no need to use your imagination when it comes to what it’s like to sleep alongside lions and elephants in Africa because you’ll literally be able to put on a VR headset and arrive there. And let me tell you, it will blow the lid off of the limitations you perceive in discovering the wonders of this planet.

This collective is here to grant you access – what do you want to experience?


As told by Stef Osofsky of Apollo Connection Co.