5 Things You Should Know About Art and Entrepreneurship

With art and culture visibly expanding across the city, the topic of art and entrepreneurship is too becoming more prevalent in everyday conversations. Murals, galleries, and outdoor installations are seeing support from the community as well as Arts In Public Places (AIPP) initiatives. Furthermore, AIPP provides a platform for artists looking to make a connection and inspire a community throughout its municipalities.

At our last Meetup we invited a handful of artists to join us and asked them to share their entrepreneurial journey. Here are five takeaways from our time together.

Garner the Public Eye

One thing that is certain, if you never show your art, you’ll surely never be able to sell it. For some artists, what can be better than having a public space to exhibit? More space and scale can make all the difference in terms of access and growth. No matter what type of art you’re creating, making it available to the public eye is a huge step in the right direction. Whether in a gallery window, on a wall of a public building, or the centerpiece in a park, strive to make your mark in an environment that will help your art flourish. Because, being visible is the first step toward a sustainable career.

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There’s No I in Team

Behind every great idea, there is a team of people bringing it to life.  Teams perform tasks like: scouting locations, networking, budgeting, pitching, managing and everything thing else that it takes to set up the canvas for artists to paint. People like Sherryl Muriente is one of these team members and she thrives in bringing new life to places of abandonment like old alleyways and seemingly downtrodden spaces. These public facing canvases are ripe for art rehabilitation and are often resurrected through urban planning and collaboration with the public and private sectors.


Cut the Branch You’re Sitting On

Everyone, at some point during their business journey experiences a crossroad where they are faced with a pivotal decision. You can point to just about every famous entrepreneur’s story and extract that point of inflection where their decisions and learnings were critical to success. You may not realize it while it’s happening, but you will thrive in the unknown because the unknown is the innovators playground.

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Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Play the role of Dorthy except at the end instead of finding a wizard, you will likely find a continued cycle of success (sustainability). You probably won’t run into any flying monkeys (no promises), but following where the money is flowing or going where the money is, may just be the pivotal move that carries your art forward.

More specifically, operating in an environment where the term “budget” is used can make all the difference. To a new artist, putting a price on any kind of artwork is a struggle. Find ways to set up budgets that give you freedom in your creativity, while still being able to earn a living. “The way art is valued has to do with the way you negotiate, the way you expose it, your own social media campaign, your own PR”. “Being an artist is cool, but If you don’t try to make money you’ll end up a Van Gogh, you die and then your artwork is worth something” Beju.

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Technology is Your Friend

Mixing art with technology can provide access to large audiences with at-hand availability to connect with you and your work. Vivid Arts founder, Edgar Garcia created an app that gives users, from a Banksy finatic, to the person who’s reading this saying, “who is Banksy?”,  the ability to explore art in their community. Coming out of the Startup Palm Beach Hackathon in 2014, the Vivid Arts app has grown to become an excellent resource for people looking to connect with art by providing a curated tour of the art around them.

Photo by Mohnacky Marketing


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